Friday, 14 March 2014


#MASAlert More details have arisen regarding the possibility of the aircraft turning towards the west. The Aircraft Communications And Reporting System (ACARS) regularly transmits data regarding the aircraft's operational status to the airline operations centre. Some

authorities say that after the aircraft went off radar, the ACARS continued transmitting for 4-5 hours, implying the aircraft could have flown for quite some time. Military radar reports detecting an unidentified aircraft in the area over the Straight of Malacca, which could have been the aircraft. The search area is now being widened to the Indian Ocean.

Monday, 10 March 2014

MH370 Preliminary Report

Flag at half-mast out of respect for the family and victims of MH370. More than 48 hours after contact was lost, many, many questions remain. The main being the location of the aircraft. In a modern world where flying has become increasingly commonplace, it is strange and hard to believe how a modern airliner can simply disappear off radar without a trace left behind. The following is a summary of the events as well as my theories relating to the possible incident cause.

8/3 0341 - MH370 departs KUL. 227 PAX, 12 crew inc. 2 tech crew

8/3 0540 - Signal and communication lost. Last comm. with Subang Centre.

8/3 1500 - Vietnam confirms loss of contact and radar connection

8/3 1525 - Details about captain released. 53 yr old Zaharie Ahmad Shah with 18,365 flying hrs 

8/3 1531 - China dispatches 2 ships to investigate waters

8/3 1730 - Vietnamese report that the aircraft has intact crashed into sea.   UNCONFIRMED BY MAS

8/3 1800 - Malaysia PM hold press conference stating search underway, but no signs of aircraft

9/3 0000 - Reports of oil slicks discovered near last contact site. Unconfirmed as being related to MAS

9/3 0400 - Reports arise of two passengers travelling under passports stolen from Thailand

9/3 1000 - USA will send FBI to KUL to assist with investigation surrounding terrorism

9/3 1500 - Malaysia have activated counter-terrorism unit

9/3 1700 - Malaysia aviation chief confirms CCTV footage of boarding/security is being examined 

9/3 1800 - Revealed that the two people travelling on stolen passports booked their flights together. The flights were one way and included a connection from Beijing to Amsterdam on KLM.