Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Singapore Airlines A380 Severe Turbulence

11 people have been injured after Singapore Airlines flight SQ308 from Singapore to London on 26 May encountered a very sudden loss of altitude in clear air turbulence. Debris was scattered throughout the aircraft. The 11 injured were treated upon arrival in Heathrow. The A380 (9V-SKH) stayed in London for 28 hours, and was unable to complete its scheduled return flight to Singapore as SQ319. Passengers booked on SQ319 were transferred to other flights. The aircraft flew back to Singapore the next day with flight number 'SQ319D'. This flight had the suffix 'D', denoting 'delayed'. It was operated as a ferry flight and had no passengers on board.

    Photo: Aviation Herald

Saturday, 25 May 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Pakistan Airlines flight incident

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight that was diverted to Stanstead with Typhoon fighter jets has landed safely. At this stage it is known that authorities have arrested 2 people after the plane arrived and was isolated from the terminal building. A PIA spokesperson said "The passenger was simply causing a disturbance on the plane and threatening passengers and staff." PIA has also described that the aircraft was 20 minutes from arrival when air traffic control received reports of a terror threat, and notified the relevant people in such a threat. The Typhoon jets were deployed to check inside the aircraft to make sure everything was in a stable state. These RAF jets are often used for purposes of investigating other aircraft in the air as they can get close to the aircraft and the pilots are able to see inside the aircraft and communicate with the crew. It is still not completely clear what caused the initial disruption.

    The aircraft in an isolated area

              Emergency crews

      The Rerouting Of The Aircraft      From FlightAware

Friday, 24 May 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Pakistan Airlines jet escorted by RAF fighter jets after security threat

A Pakistan Airlines aircraft flying from Lahore, Pakistan to Manchester, England has been diverted to Stanstead, by RAF fighter jets. The RAF scrambled the jets after a security issue onboard. The airline, police and airport have released NO information as yet as to what the nature of the incident is. It is not known what has occurred or what is occurring onboard. The aircraft has landed safely in Stanstead about 10 minutes prior to this writing. There will be further updates as the information becomes available.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to fly Business, First or Suites for cheap prices!

Good evening everyone. I'd like to let you know about something I realised a little while ago. If you know how to earn frequent flyer miles wisely, then flying on the world famous Singapore Airlines Suites onboard the A380 may be a much greater reality. Now, I have flown SIA (Singapore Airlines) business class a fair few times as well as Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. But not once have I paid for it with money! The trick to earning lots of miles quickly is to USE YOUR CREDIT CARD!
The Singapore Airlines American Express Ascend Card
Almost all credit cards let you earn points for every dollar you spend with it. Some let you earn more points that other. American Express cards earn 1-1.5 points per dollar and these can be directly transferred to a variety of frequent flyer cards like Singapore Airlines Krisflyer, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and a few more. Most airlines offer their own credit cards, which earn EVEN MORE points for every dollar. Singapore Airlines has 4 different credit cards on offer for Singaporeans and 2 cards for Australians.

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer
So BE SMART! Know about this points system! For every dollar you spend in everyday life, you will earn miles. Over time you will accumulate many, many points. When you have the right number, transfer them over to your frequent flyer card and you've got yourself a free flight! Now how much will you need? Well, a Singapore Airlines Suites redemption ticket from Sydney to Hong Kong (this involves TWO Suites flights), will cost 75,000 miles if you book over the phone, or 63,750 miles if you purchase it online.
Singapore Airlines Suites
Surprisingly a flight from Sydney to Singapore is THE SAME price (in terms of points) as from Sydney to Hong Kong (two flights)! For only 25,000 points you can fly from Sydney to Hong Kong in Economy, and for 55,000 you can purchase a Business Class ticket. Now, for even less, you can get an UPGRADE ticket. Purchase an economy flight with money, and you can upgrade it to Business class for as little as 25,000 miles! (By the way, all the information on prices was correct at the time of writing and relates to Singapore Airlines award and upgrade flights).
So think of this! Flying upfront or up top in Business Class, First Class or the Suites may be much more affordable than you think!

Singapore Airlines redemption chart:

Singapore Airlines upgrade chart:

- Ashan ✈


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